PugPak my Story

My Whole adult life I have owned pugs, usually more than one at a time.  I LOVE pugs!  They melt your heart with their warm personality and gregarious outlook. I haven’t met a Pug I didn’t like or one that didn’t like me for that matter!

 With loving Pugs also comes the woes of owning a Brachycephalic Breed. To own one is to love one along with the good and the bad.  I have had both.  My first pug Bandit was fun loving and SMART but stubborn like the best of them. We met our challenges of the short nosed breed in his 10th year of life. Bandit had a sinus issue that we really never diagnosed for sure.  Doctors thought Nasal cancer but that is not common in his breed and he far outlasted the life span of a dog with Nasal cancer, so we settled on Polyps he lived for 5 ½ years after initial diagnosis.

 Our Second pug Maddy, a female who is now 13 has developed Pug Myelopathy we started seeing signs of this early on and thought it was an injury to her from jumping down from something. I wish that was all it was, but it turned out to be different. 

 Here is what I know about Pug Myelopathy from my experience.

 Pug Myelopathy is a recently diagnosed Spinal condition that is unique to pugs and causes rear leg incoordination (ataxia) and eventually pure paralysis.  It comes with incontinence and the loss of ability to walk.  There is no cure for Pug Myelopathy and really not treatment other than measures that help to prolong their life, such as physical therapy wheelies (aka wheel chairs)

but eventually the disease will take them over the Rainbow Bridge. 


Right now Maddy still has some use of her back legs but she is incontinent. She will eventually loss all use and that is a difficult issue, but because of her loss of muscle in her back legs diapers don’t stay on.  She is not able to fully drain her bladder, I have to help her express herself.  Maddy is so full of life still though which makes it difficult she wants to be with everyone still and loves to try to keep up with our youngest pug Sammy.  She is such a sweet girl and I dread the day that we lose her which I believe is coming soon but until then I enjoy her company every night and love to watch her try to keep up with us.  


Now with Sammy, The inspiration of PugPak Boutique! Really they were all the inspiration, but he is the face of PugPak!


Sammy  is a sweet, funny 2 ½ year old Boy pug who LOVES everyone and everything. Especially food!  He loves to wear clothes and bandanas and Bowties and go for walks to show them off he is not shy in front of the camera and will pose with almost anyone. When we take him to crowded place I can’t walk 2 feet without getting stopped by someone wanting to pet him because everyone LOVES him!  Right now thank god he has no health issues and is a lot of fun to play with!


All three of these little characters have in some way shaped PugPak. Due to the health issues of the older ones I have decided to take a portion of all sales and make donations to Pug Rescues like The Pug Queen Foundation or Tiny Paws Pug rescue and other funds that help with treatment of illnesses specific to the Brachycephalic Breed.


 I hope that you enjoy PugPak Boutique! Follow our Blog for all things Dogs!

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