PugPak Dog of the week @mrsunnythepug

PugPak Dog of the week @mrsunnythepug


Meet our Dog of the week this week and check out his profile on Instagram for some great fun!


1). If your dog could change into any other animal - what species would they choose?

Answer: A bunny, because I hop around and chew on things like one. My pawrents call me Sunny Bunny!

2). If your dog was a human for a day, what would his/her day be like?

Answer :What do you mean? I am human. ;)

3). What’s the story behind your pup’s name?

Answer: I was wearing a yellow collar the first time my pawrents saw me. That reminded them of the 1970’s song “Sunny”, which perfectly described me coming into their lives at that moment. I was their ray of sunshine after many dark days.

4). Why did you pick that breed?

Answer: Pugs are like chips – you can’t stop at just one. I come from a long legacy of pugs in my family. I’m my family’s 4th pug over 15 years.

5). What her/his favorite food?

Answer: KONG peanut butter! And I recently developed a taste for French fries.

                      Me proudly sporting my @PugPakBoutique track suit.


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