PugPak Dog of the week @bubblesandbrutus

MEET OUR DOG OF THE WEEK @bubblesandbrutus.  Follow her on Instagram for cute photos and more!
Q: If your dog was a human for a day, what would his/her day be like?
A: Spa day with cocktails and a filet dinner 
Q: What’s the story behind your pup’s name?
A: Bubbles like bubbly since she’s the color of champagne 
Q: What is their beauty routine?
A: She gets groomed and gets her nails painted pink once a month. And I keep her wrinkles clean.
Q: Are they Famous?
A: She definitely thinks she is
Q: How have they reacted to fame when they are recognized on the street? 
A: The best was taking her and her brother dressed as Santa to a light festival. We couldn’t go more than 2 feet without people (mainly kids) playing and taking picture of them. “Santa pugs!” Is all we heard. Next time we’re charging for pictures!
Q: Why did you pick that breed?
A: I grew up with pugs. My mom’s first pug, Bud had parvo and she nursed him through and he lived to fifteen. She took him everywhere. My mom passed away about 9 years ago. So when I moved to Brooklyn I got Bubbles so I could take her everywhere.
Q: What's the quirkiest thing your doggo does?
A: She won’t let anyone pick her up if she’s with me on the couch or bed and she refuses to wake up before noon.
Q: Diva or chill?
A: Total and complete diva 
Q: What her/his favorite food?
A: Pig ears for sure 

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