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Q: If your dog could change into any other animal - what species would they choose?

A: I’ll go with The Big Bear

Q: Would your doggo rather have belly rubs whenever they want or filet mignon all day?

A: He would rather have filet mignon all day!!

Q: What’s the story behind your pup’s name?

A: He was the runt and he was a black fluff ball so we where going to name him Little Bear after the kids show. Then he just kept growing so now he’s The Big Boy Bear.

Q: Adopt or shop?

A: He is the pup of Rain who was rescued.

Q: What's the quirkiest thing your doggo does?

A: He’s a kleptomaniac if he can reach it, it’s his. 🤣

Q: If they could say one sentence to you - what would they say and why?

A: I’m Hungry!



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